CABC Deacons

We believe that Scripture teaches that a church should have a group of servants who minister to the needs of the congregation. This group is often referred to as Deacons. The details regarding our Deacon ministry at CABC can be found in our by-laws which may be read here. Deacons are men selected by the congregation to serve members who are in need. CABC Deacons approach this ministry by forming teams who are focused on welcoming new people, ministering to those who are hospitalized or have experienced bereavement, and ministering to those who are going through a crisis of some kind in life. More information on Deacon Teams may be found here. CABC Deacons also focus on caring for widows and others in situations which may require special care.

CABC Deacons currently serving are:

Jim Cooper

Don Crisp

Ernie Hall

Dave Hermansen (Leader: Crisis & Bereavement Team) 

Don Hoyt

Bobby Lynch

Brad Mace

Bill Middlekauff (Leader: Welcome Team)

Rollie Monson

Ross Searl

Adrian Schulte (Leader: Hospital Team)

David Stroh

Lon Trulove

Billie Vines, Jr. 

Don Weakley (Deacon Chairman)