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Is life meaningless?

Ecclesiastes begins with the assertion, "vanity of vanities, all is vanity." A favorite word used by the author of Ecclesiastes is the Hebrew word hebel which is rendered "vanity." It refers to the vapor-like quality of life. In this book of Scripture, life is portrayed with ruthless reality. But when we look closely at the perspective of Ecclesiastes, we discover that though life is full of unexpected twists and tragedies, it has meaning when lived in relationship with God.

Join us as we dig deeply into Ecclesiastes which one author describes as "the most contemporary book in the Bible."

Family Conference at CABC

CABC will host A Faithful Family conference on February 10-11 and March 4. The February session will focus on faithful marriage. The March session will focus on faithful parenting. For more details, visit this link: A Faithful Family