Wednesday Services Cancelled 2-2-2022


Worship is not something we do for one or two hours a week on Sunday. It is a way of life. However, we set aside each week to gather as a congregation for the purpose of worshiping God.

Worship will normally include the following:
   • Congregational singing of hymns and worship songs lead by our worship pastor and accompanied by our orchestra.

   • Congregational singing of worship songs and hymns lead by our assistant worship pastor and the worship band.

   • Public reading of Scripture.
   • Times of prayer.
   • Special musical presentations
   • Giving of our financial gifts to the work of Christ’s Church.
   • Preaching of the Word of God.
   • Responding to God’s Word.
   • Periodically, the Sharing of the Lord’s Supper.
   • The celebration of believer’s baptism.

While appreciating the various personal preferences of people regarding musical styles, our focus is on the content of our music. We want to sing hymns and songs which are solid both theologically and musically. We also want to be creative and diverse in the ways we worship God through music. Music is just a means by which we can worship, it does not dictate what is and is not worship.

The preaching at CABC is expositional. Basically, that means that the point of the sermon will be the point of a text of Scripture. Sometimes we work our way systematically through books of Scripture (Romans, Hosea for example). At other times, we deal with topics like family or salvation. Whether we are working through a book of the Bible or dealing with a topic, an expositional method will be used to explain and apply the words of God to our lives.

How Can I Get involved?
Our worship choir meets weekly for rehearsal on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. All adults 18 and older are welcome and invited to join our choir! We sing a worship anthem every Sunday as part of our worship service, as well as special programs for Easter and Christmas.

Likewise, our orchestra meet Wednesday evenings at 6:15 p.m. for rehearsal. Anyone skilled in an instrument is encouraged to contact Pastor Eric for more information on both of these ministries.

The contemporary worship team meets for rehearsal on Saturday mornings. For more information about serving on this team, please contact pastor Steve Hazell.

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