Wednesday Services Cancelled 2-2-2022

Elders & Deacons

These two groups of leaders provide direction and care for the church family.

CABC Elders are tasked with providing spiritual oversight for the ministry of the church including doctrinal faithfulness, ministry guidance, and pastoral care.

Our current elder team consists of:
Kelly Randolph
Eric Stone
Steve Hazell
Hans Widener
JIm Reynolds
Mike McClary
Michael Bucy
CABC deacons are tasked with serving the needs of the congregation with a special focus on widows, shut-ins, and those with ongoing needs. They also help with those experiencing crises such as hospitalization and bereavement.

Our current deacon team consists of:
Dave Hermansen
Jim Cooper
Billie Vines
Don Hoyt
Ernie Hall
Bill Middlekauff
Ross Searl
Brad Mace
Richard Hazell
Matt Crist
Bobby Lynch
Dan Robertson
Luke Lear