Wednesday Services Cancelled 2-2-2022

Sunday School

Adult Classes  |  10 am 

1 Thessalonians
Act Like Men

Men Only  |  Room 103
“Act like men, be strong, let all that you do be done in love”— so writes the Apostle Paul.  He also instructs Timothy to be an example to others “in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.”  Such instructions are a far cry from today’s world where men are often mocked, ridiculed, and denigrated, but God has high expectations for men, and we need to carefully consider His instructions.
Terry Unrein will be leading a new Men’s Sunday School class on 1 Thessalonians, open to adult men of all ages. Come and join us!
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I Peter:
This World is Not Our Home

Women Only  |  Room 104
Come and join us as we go through 1 Peter verse by verse.  This is an interactive study to women of all ages.  
Contact Sharon Unrein (316) 838-8219

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World

Women Only
David Jeremiah brings a message of hope and confidence from the priceless counsel of the Word of God. He answers our most urgent questions, including:
  • How can we weather this storm with a calm heart?
  • What does it truly mean to “wait on the Lord”?
  • What is Jesus saying to our chaotic world today?
  • How on earth did we get into this mess?
  • Can we take a broken world and rebuild it into something fruitful?

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World shows us all that with the power and love of Almighty God, we can live with confidence in this age of turmoil.

Starting in June Roxie’s class will be studying, “Hope for the Hurting” by Tony Evans.
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