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Our Story

Humble Beginnings: 1958-1966

On October 15, 1958 Immanuel Baptist Church of Wichita voted to begin a new work in the Country Acres area of the city. For several months, the meetings were held at the Delano Township Hall at Central and Ridge. In November of 1958, Immanuel purchased property on 13th street between Morgantown and Brunswick for a future church site.

On April 1, 1959, Immanuel Baptist purchased a house at 1361 Morgantown for a parsonage. The mission began holding services in this house. Immanuel sent several of their members out to the mission to worship and serve. All bills were paid by Immanuel. As you can see, Immanuel Baptist had a real commitment to start a new work.

On October 9, 1960, construction began on the first church facilities. This building was dedicated on May 28, 1961. During the first two years, 90 people joined the new mission which was called Northwest Baptist Chapel. However, during that time, Wichita experienced a population decrease and many people were transferred out. So, at the end of two years, membership was at 68 and average Sunday School attendance was at 55.

From Mission to Church: 1967-1972

Northwest Baptist Chapel became Country Acres Baptist Church on April 30, 1967. There were 36 charter members who gathered to form the new church that Sunday afternoon. At that point, a new financial arrangement began. Immanuel Baptist had been paying the bills for the mission. When the church was organized, it began assuming the financial burden at a rate of 20% per year over the next five years. So, what was a very dependent, fragile mission work was becoming a self-supporting church.

Ongoing Ministry: 1973-Present

Since those formative years in our history, CABC has continued to maintain a ministry presence in West Wichita and beyond. Of course, pastors and staff members have come and gone. Facilities have changed. In many ways, the congregation has changed through the comings and goings of people over the years. But our commitment to the gospel and the Word of God remains unchanged.

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